Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday, 4th October 2022

Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday, 4th October 2022


The Parish Council met on Tuesday, 4th October in the Evangelical Hall, at 7.30pm



Chairman Siddall


Councillors: A. Philpott, V. Hare, J. Hughes, S. Venton,                                               Parishioners: 1


512. Apologies for Absence: Councillor Gritton. Councillor Lawrence was delayed, but joined the meeting later.


513. To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda. None were declared


514. Minutes 06/09/2022

          RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council and the Annual Parish Council meeting held

         on 6th September 2022 be approved and confirmed.


515.  a) Planning applications

         b) Planning decisions

         There were no decisions or new planning applications.

         A mobile home has appeared in the garden of a property in Plains Road. The Clerk to contact the Enforcement



516.    TCWG & Speed watch

The speedwatch team were in action last week, with another planned for this week. It was disappointing that a resident took exception to the team and was verbally abusive – a strange reaction to volunteers trying to make the village safer.

RESOLVED The speedwatch team to continue their good work and report at the next meeting.


517. Park and Pond

Once again there were very few people who turned up for the gardening weekend, but those who did attend worked well. Another skip will be required.

The pond people have viewed the site and were very positive, a report should be received shortly.

The new play equipment is due by the end of the month.

The pigeon spikes have now been installed so the equipment should stay cleaner.

The war memorial has now been concreted, with the resin to be applied when the weather permits.

The dog bin has been collected and will be installed shortly.

A parishioner has volunteered to clear the brambles from the common – near his house.

Following the Platinum Jubilee and then the death of The Queen trees are available to plant, from MDC.

RESOLVED The Clerk to contact the landscaping team to collect the £800, which is going towards the cost of the new play equipment. Dean James to order bulbs for autumn planting. Councillor Hughes to liaise with the parishioner regarding his clearing of brambles. Chairman Siddall to sort out getting the trees, with a view to planting them near the pond and in a small copse on |Sawyers field.


518. Locality fund

Councillor Venton has been advised that a £1,500 grant from ECC has been approved. The Parish Council to match this amount, with the £800+ fund money from the Landscape group now being available. The 2 pieces of play equipment total £3,400 in total.

RESOLVED Councillor Venton has ordered the play equipment and the deposit has been paid. The Clerk to contact the Landscape group.


519. Remembrance Sunday

The moveable Tommy is currently outside the porch of All Saints Church. It will be moved to different locations in the village, prior to Remembrance Sunday. Another Tommy to go in the middle of Sawyers field.

RESOLVED Chairman Siddall to move the Tommys.

520. Invoices presented for payment

LT Evangelical Church    hire of hall                                £15.00

Playdale                          deposit for play equip.                     £2043.94

HMRC                            income tax                                      £3.20                           

T. Gritton                         body camera                                    £94.90

S. Venton                        bird spikes                                    £67.14

Tom’s farm shop             sand and ballast                             £56.50


521. Correspondence

A Housing Needs Survey can be carried out by Rural Community Council of Essex. This was discussed but concluded there is no available land in the village.

BTS have carried out tree works required near to overhead power lines.

The Clerk had emailed all correspondence to the councillors.


522. Update from District Councillor

The Govt. Association commended MDC as a good practice council.

Slow cookers are available from MDC for those in need.

Lots of reports are being delayed, due to the elections next year.

The Local Development plan is on hold.

The work on the B1022 (at the top of Loamy Hill Road) should have been done in August. Councillor Siddall to chase up.



There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.15pm





                                                                            Signed by the Chairman




Common land