Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday 12th March 2024

Little Totham Parish Council


Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday 12th March 2024


The Parish Council met on Tuesday 12th March in the Evangelical Hall, at 7.30pm.




Chairman  N. Lawrence


Councillors: V. Hare and S. Venton                                                                                             Parishioners: 1


24.30  Apologies for Absence:  Councillors T. Gritton, J. Hughes and A. Philpott sent their apologies.


24.31  To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda

None were declared.


24.32  Minutes 06/02/24

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 6th February 2024 be approved and confirmed.


24.33 Common land

Chairman Lawrence had informed the Registered Commoners prior to this meeting that Councillor Hughes was unavailable and therefore a full discussion about the common land would be deferred to the next meeting.

He reported that his preliminary conversations with Colin Crowe of Dyer and Crowe about land transfer had been positive.

Parish council insurance renewal is due in June and will be reviewed to include more explicit inclusion of the common land.


24.34 Update for parish newsletter

Councillor Venton will write this month’s update.

RESOLVED Councillor Venton to send paragraph to the Clerk.


24.35  Finance and banking arrangements

Councillors agreed the change of payroll provider to DM Payroll Services at £132/year (£11/month) plus one-off £30 set up fee.

The Clerk is progressing the mandate changes with Barclays Bank.  Payments can still only be made by cheque at present.


24.36  a) Planning applications

24/00093/PACUAR PP-12773549 Change of use of agricultural building into one dwelling at White Horse Farm, School Road – Councillors had no comments.


24/00153/HOUSE PP12822090 Amendments to previous scheme proposed two storey side extension Holly Cottage, The Street – Councillors had no comments.


  1. b) Planning decisions

No decisions received.


24.37  Play equipment repairs

Repairs will be carried out when the weather improves.  Guards can be positioned on the new timbers when installed to prevent any future damage from cutting machinery.


24.38  TCWG and speedwatch

There were four drivers caught speeding during Tru Cam patrols in February.  MDC has confirmed the hourly rate for patrols will increase to £42.47/hr for the 2024/25 contract.  Councillors agreed to continue with the current arrangement of 2 hours per month.


24.39 Annual Parish Meeting

This was not held in 2023 because of the church renovations but has previously taken place on a Friday evening in May.

RESOLVED The Clerk to check availability of the church hall.


24.40  Invoices presented for payment


MDC                                         Election fee for 2023                              £100.95

LT Evangelical Church         Hire of hall                                                 £20.00


24.41  Correspondence

The Clerk had forwarded all email correspondence to councillors.


24.42  Update from District Councillor

There was no update from Councillor Hughes.


24.43  Public questions




There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8.05pm







                                                                                    Signed by the Chairman…………..…………………………




Common land

Annual Parish Meeting