Minutes of meeting, Tuesday 1st August 2023

Little Totham Parish Council


Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday 1st August 2023


The Parish Council met on Tuesday 1st August in the Evangelical Hall, at 7.30 pm.




Chairman N. Lawrence


Councillors: T. Gritton, V. Hare,                                                                                                           Parishioners: 1


23.47 Apologies for Absence: Councillors J. Hughes, A. Philpott, R. Siddall and S. Venton sent apologies.


23.48 To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda. None were declared.


23.49 Minutes 04/07/2023

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 4th July 2023 be approved and confirmed.


23.50 Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman

The Clerk had met with officers at EALC and had discussed the proposal to share the role of Chairman. EALC advised that this approach was not recommended practice and that the Vice-Chairman take on the role if other volunteers are not forthcoming. Councillor Lawrence had agreed to this prior to the meeting. Councillor Gritton proposed and Councillor Hare seconded Councillor Lawrence as Chairman of the Parish Council. The Declaration of Office was then signed by Chairman Lawrence, and witnessed and signed by the Clerk.

Councillor Hughes has agreed to become Vice-Chairman and this will be ratified at the next meeting.


23.51 Update for parish newsletter

Councillor Venton had written July’s update paragraph which had been published. Councillor Gritton will provide the text for August.

RESOLVED Councillor Gritton to send paragraph to the Clerk before 19th August.


23.52 a) Planning applications

There were no new applications.

b) Planning decisions

There were no planning decisions.

Chairman Lawrence asked if two older applications had previously been received in the weekly updates from MDC.

RESOLVED The Clerk to check past updates.


23.53 Common land

Councillor Hughes has been in contact with Richard Mabbitt, Lord of the Manor, to discuss some issues regarding the common. He suggested holding a meeting to talk about the land and this has been convened for 9th August at 2pm, to be attended by Councillors Hughes and Lawrence and the Clerk.


23.54 TCWG & Speed watch

Tru Cam patrols had been carried out on three occasions at the end of June and six drivers were caught speeding.

Chairman Lawrence has contacted speedwatch volunteers but not had much response, possibly because it is the holiday season. Steve Weatherley, in attendance at the meeting, offered to re-sign up to the scheme and volunteer for a future session.

RESOLVED Chairman Lawrence to add Steve Weatherley and contact volunteers after holiday season.


23.55 Invoices presented for payment


LT Evangelical Church         hire of hall                        £20.00

MDC                                         Q1 tru cam patrols         £291.82

The Play Inspection Co.      annual inspection          £252

EALC                                         new clerk’s training       £114 (75% to be subsidised by bursary)

Skippers                                   Q1 maintenance            £414


23.56 Clerk’s training

The Clerk reported that she has attended a drop-in session at EALC to meet the staff there and a day training course for new clerks. Some minor changes will be made to the presentation of future agendas in accordance with recommendations from the tutor.


23.57 Correspondence

EALC’s AGM to be held on 21st September and there is no charge to attend.

RESOLVED Clerk to attend to represent the Parish Council


23.58 Update from District Councillor

No update.


There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8.14pm.



After the meeting, Dennis Ivey from the Union of Evangelical Churches showed councillors where he is proposing to locate a joint church/parish council noticeboard in the car park. Councillors agreed in principle but will discuss at the September meeting.





                                                                            Signed by the Vice Chairman…………..…………………………




Elect Vice-Chairman

Report back on meeting with Richard Mabbitt

Proposed noticeboard