4: Re: Website header/navbar (response to 3)
Posted by johnt on

Thanks Joe and Alan

I looked again at the 'Look & Feel' menu as I also assumed that's where the problem was but I couldn't see the 'Admin Navbar Option' that Alan mentioned. I found, by looking at the other site I manage, that this option appears only when you choose your own colour scheme.

It was the whole site that had this problem with the navbar. I had tried swapping from fresh to clarity and back again but that made no difference, but I didn't make any permanent changes. Anyway, this morning the web fairy had worked through the night and now it's fine. :-)

Thanks for your replies.


5: Re: Website header/navbar (response to 4)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

Gotta love them web fairies! :-)


6: Re: Website header/navbar (response to 5)
Posted by gods_child on

sadly they do non get paid enough...Tongue Out