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One of the sites I administer ( has lost the information (search, body, globe, cog) in the boxes just below the website name. I'm not sure how these are referred to so I haven't been able to find an answer in the forum. I've tried various ways to make the boxes 'normal' including changing the theme to another and back again but that didn't work. Any suggestions?


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Posted by AlanS on


I had a problem with these, which is the "Admin Navbar". I solved it by looking on the "Look & Feel" menu, selecting my "Theme" and "Options" and playing with the "Admin Navbar Option".

Good luck

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Posted by Joe Oldak on

I had a look on the site now and it seems to be OK. Is it only on certain pages that the problem occurs?

Or maybe you've fixed it? :-)



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Posted by johnt on

Thanks Joe and Alan

I looked again at the 'Look & Feel' menu as I also assumed that's where the problem was but I couldn't see the 'Admin Navbar Option' that Alan mentioned. I found, by looking at the other site I manage, that this option appears only when you choose your own colour scheme.

It was the whole site that had this problem with the navbar. I had tried swapping from fresh to clarity and back again but that made no difference, but I didn't make any permanent changes. Anyway, this morning the web fairy had worked through the night and now it's fine. :-)

Thanks for your replies.


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Posted by Joe Oldak on

Gotta love them web fairies! :-)


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sadly they do non get paid enough...Tongue Out