2: Re: Emails from forms (response to 1)
Posted by Alan-Parry (Euphonix Admin). on

Hi Verity

When I was redesigning the Euphonix website on the test site I was under the impression that the email function was disabled.  You can set the emails up, but when sent they don’t go anywhere.

There may be a simple solution using the live site which will mean that the email function will work.  Now that you have designed your form on the test system you can replicate it on your live site but hide it from your members by changing/restricting the permissions on who can see it (in other words it is not visible except for yourself and the 2 email accounts that you refer to).  If you are satisfied that it works to your satisfaction then you can then change the permissions back to those who need to see the page are able to do so.  If it doesn’t work then you can tweak the form so that it does.

I used this method before we had the test system so I could pass ideas amongst my committee (restrict the page to a select number of people), and if they approved what I was proposing I then changed the permission so everyone in the Choir could see it.

Let me know if it works

Kind regards 


3: Re: Emails from forms (response to 2)
Posted by Friends of Loxley Cemetery on

Many thanks Alan - it's working now!