3: Re: 2nd site (response to 1)
Posted by Durham Rug Makers on

Hi Joe.

Thanks for the reassuring message!!     

          I must apologise unreservedly for the confusion. I had not realised that there were other groups using Bowburn Community Centre who were members of the e-voice community. Unfortunately, the member of our group who set up our website has sadly passed away and I have taken over the responsibility for maintaining the website. There are a lot of things I am not familiar with. It took me two days and many failed attempts before I managed to send the message to the forum!!

          We have had problems in the past with interference in our email account and I am rather nervous if I see a message I don’t understand. I hope this helps to clarify the situation and clear up the misunderstanding.

Best wishes


4: Re: 2nd site (response to 3)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

No problem Ken,

I suggest you have a look at the Getting Started guide in the Voice Documentation.

Also we have regular Zoom calls with site admins where I can demo features of the system and answer any questions you have. See the Voice Users site for more information. The next meeting is this Thursday (2nd November) at 10am.