Hi all,

An exciting new includelet, and a change to how some images look on your site - read on to find out!

Content Blocks

There's an all new and awesome Carousel, Accordion, or Grid includelet, which replaces Slider. (Anyone using Slider will find it's been replaced with this new one.)

This amazing new includelet lets you make blocks of content on a page. Each block can have a mixture of image/title/content (all are optional) and the content part uses the wysiwyg editor.

The blocks can then be shown in different ways:

  1. Carousel (what we used to call a Slider) - where you see one block at a time and 'turns' to the next block every five seconds. Great for a slideshow!
  2. Accordion - you see the titles and click to open each one. Perfect for making FAQs (and works similarly to the FAQs app).
  3. Grid - each block is in a thumbnail box, and you can choose how many to show in each row. Many uses for this, for example a grid of products, pictures and biographies of staff members, photos with descriptions, etc.

You can see an example of each here in the Documentation.

Thank you to Kingston Carers Network who sponsored the development of this includelet.

Image Aspect Ratios

I've made a change to anywhere that you have an image in an includelet where you select an Aspect Ratio (rather than using the image's actual ratio).

Images will now be displayed zoomed/cropped to fill the space of the specified ratio. This means that grids with can look much more uniform even if the source images are not all the same size.

I've also added this Aspect Ratio setting to a few more places, such as the Related Image Gallery and Photo Gallery includelets.

See this photo grid for an example. Here I've selected Square as the fixed aspect ratio - though if you click on the images you'll see that they're all different shapes.

NOTE that this means if you've selected an aspect ratio on any includelets then they will now look different to how they looked yesterday! Please check!


Joe - Voice Admin

I'm liking this a lot. Just updated a lot of my pages to use the accordian version 

One thing I am finding though if you look at my archive page:


As I'm using other includelets for photo albums and youtube videos, these can't be collapsed and expanded from the accordian control, which is a shame. Don't know if this is something that might be considered for the future.


Hi Graham,

What we'd need there is to be able to nest includelets inside includelets, which I think is beyond the scope of sanity at the moment! :-)

Though, if you embed your youtube videos directly using the wysiwyg (and the embed code from YouTube) in the Accordion blocks that would get you some of the way. Though embedding this way always seems a bit less satisfactory than the YouTube includelet!



Yes I might do that, but i can’t do the equivalent for the photo album as you can’t directly inline a photo unless it’s in the asset library, can you ?

Hi Graham,

I think you've set a new world record for number of includelets in a single Slot! :-)

Although Photo Album images don't appear in the list of images/assets when you click the Insert picture or file or Insert/Edit Image buttons, you can add any image directly into the wysiwyg editor if you know the URL of the image file. So if you really wanted to you could get the URL of the image in the Photo Album, then use the Insert/Edit Image button and add the image URL in the dialogue box that opens. This is some faff though and probably not worth the effort (and of course not as useful as the Photo Album includelet that gives you nice pop-up photos).



You only looked at my second longest list of includelets. The really big one is:


Yes I didn't decide to go the photo-by-photo approach and instead just put in a button with a link to the photo album. In doing this though I did wonder if the album id remains constant after I've created the album ? If I add further albums or edit existing ones, does the album id change at all ? 



Are the arrows to expand showing up ok for everyone? I thought it was just a problem on my laptop but they aren't showing on my desktop either.


Just to add, when I look at it on my iPhone, there is no arrow to expand but once it's expanded, it shows as a little magnifying glass which I can tap to collapse.