Posted by Joe Oldak on

FYI: I've now fixed the bug which caused you to lose your admin rights. So it should now really not be possible to accidentally unadmin yourself (or someone else)!



Posted by Kev Cannings on

Thanks Joe!

Just a quick favour, as I've removed the members zone app, could you also remove the associated permissions groups from my site?

There are two groups that are no longer valid as they are from the old and now defunct members zone:

i) Members Zone Members

ii) Committee Members

Thanks, Kev


Posted by Joe Oldak on

These will disappear when I add the change to be able to permanently delete a Private Members Area (and then if you use that to delete your old Member Zone).

In the meantime I'm afraid you'll just have to ignore them!



Posted by GMG on

Hi Joe:

Our site (Froghall, Powis & Sunnybank Community Council) seems to have lost visible means whereby I for one can firstly log in and then  edit/publish pages. Could you please investigate how this has happened? Very many thanks if you can and then please advise as soon as you can possibly manage.


Geoff Goolnik

Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Geoff,

The login button can be switched off in some themes, which can be good in some ways as it prevents confusion for users visiting the site, but it can make it a bit trickier for administrators.

If you are struggling to log in or admin the site, then in the URL bar go directly to your site's homepage URL and add /admin on the end.

So for example for the demo site it would be

Or for sites with a custom URL go to:

The site will ask you to log in if you haven't already done so.

If you get a permission denied error after logging in then it means you have logged in with an account that doesn't have admin permissions on the site.