Posted by Kev Cannings on

Thanks Joe - this is odd indeed. I tried from two different computers earlier. Different files and everything. But it's all running fine now! Typical, and sorry to take your time!

Quick side question on surveys: Is there a way to delete out the responses from a survey - I've got test information I'd like to clear out, but didn't really want to create new surveys as that means setting up new links. I don't think I can, but thought I'd ask in case there was something I'd missed.

Thanks again, Kev

Posted by Joe Oldak on

Strange, I'll see if I can see what was causing the error anyway - since it's annoying when things go wrong in a non-reproducible way!

You can delete individual responses if you go to the Responses tab for the survey, then go to By user, look at the individual user response, and there's a delete button in there.

It doesn't seem that there's a way to delete all responses in one go, nor to delete anonymous responses. Hopefully this is fine for you for now!

I could add a Delete all responses button, which I think could be generally useful for lots of people!



Posted by Kev Cannings on

A delete all responses button would actually be awesome - that would mean that I could recycle old surveys rather than setting up new ones.

I checked out the "delete by user" option, but the button doesn't seem to show for me (unless I'm in the wrong place). I only see a "view response" option.

I can't seem to attach a screensot, but I'm here if that helps:


Delete all, and delete one by one (including anonymous) would definitely be a helpful improvement.

Again, thanks for your help Joe :)