Hi - When I enter data into any of the surveys on my site and click OK to submit, I receive the following error.

Server Error

There was a server error processing your request. We apologize.


Am I doing something wrong?


I tried this survey but it seems to happen on the others too



Thanks, Kev

Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Kev,

I just created my own test survey with two file attachments and it worked fine, and so then also tried one of your surveys which also worked.

So, this is a bit odd!

One possibility is that you're hitting the max upload size - though this would mean you were uploading a 50mb image which seems unlikely!

Could you try it again with different images and see if you can find further clues as to what is happening? Maybe it only happens with certain file types, for example?



Posted by Kev Cannings on

Thanks Joe - this is odd indeed. I tried from two different computers earlier. Different files and everything. But it's all running fine now! Typical, and sorry to take your time!

Quick side question on surveys: Is there a way to delete out the responses from a survey - I've got test information I'd like to clear out, but didn't really want to create new surveys as that means setting up new links. I don't think I can, but thought I'd ask in case there was something I'd missed.

Thanks again, Kev

Posted by Joe Oldak on

Strange, I'll see if I can see what was causing the error anyway - since it's annoying when things go wrong in a non-reproducible way!

You can delete individual responses if you go to the Responses tab for the survey, then go to By user, look at the individual user response, and there's a delete button in there.

It doesn't seem that there's a way to delete all responses in one go, nor to delete anonymous responses. Hopefully this is fine for you for now!

I could add a Delete all responses button, which I think could be generally useful for lots of people!



Posted by Kev Cannings on

A delete all responses button would actually be awesome - that would mean that I could recycle old surveys rather than setting up new ones.

I checked out the "delete by user" option, but the button doesn't seem to show for me (unless I'm in the wrong place). I only see a "view response" option.

I can't seem to attach a screensot, but I'm here if that helps:



Delete all, and delete one by one (including anonymous) would definitely be a helpful improvement.

Again, thanks for your help Joe :)