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I've created a couple of online application forms for grants that our charity offers and I plan to create another form for housing applicants. These application forms currently (in their paper version) require applicants to submit supporting documents. I would like to add this functionality to the online forms but I can't find a way to do this. Is this possible? Does anyone know how to do it if it is?


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Posted by Sorrel Parsons on

Hi John, Sorrel here at Superhighways.

This functionality isn't available in Voice forms, it doesn't store any data. There are upload functions in both Office 365 Forms and Google Forms. Do you use either Google or Office 365 workspaces at your charity? You can get the donated workspaces and licences via Charity Digital Exchange as a registered charity if you don't already have them. And then access the full functionality of their forms for free. 

If your form is longer and you want people to be able to save and return to it as well, this is possible for respondents with their own Google account as far as I'm aware, but probably not amazingly useful as it won't be everyone you want to reach. Then you're looking at paying for a product like Surveymonkey, Smart Surveys or Typeform. 

Hope that helps in the first instnace, all the best,


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Posted by johnt on

Hi Sorrel

Thanks for your comprehensive and very quick response.

I'm a trustee at our charity - I'll ask our staff whether we currently use either of those platforms, otherwise I'll  investigate your other suggestions.

Thanks for your help.


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Posted by sue potter on

Hi Sorrel

Saw this thread and wanted to pick your brains on forms - hope you can help.

I want to create an online referral form for people to self refer or refer others to our health & wellbeing service at Bromley Well. It's currently a downloadable form in Word and a pretty clunky process.

My key question is:

How secure would the process of completing and sending a form be? The data we ask for is personal and I need to know it would be "secure" (encrypted?) in transit and not stored anywhere other than recipients email account (Office 365).

I have a test form set up with me as recipient atm...

Any advice and tips would be much appreciated, thanks.

Sue @btse and at @bromleywell

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Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Sue,

If you set up a form using the Form Builder, then user responses are emailed to you and aren't stored on Voice.

So the key here is whether or not the data in transit from the user to the Voice server, then from the Voice server to your email inbox is encrypted.

  • All visits to Voice sites are encrypted using https, even if you're using your own custom domain name - so that bit is good.
  • Voice servers support sending email over an encrypted connection provided that the receiving server does so too. You seem to be using outlook, which supports encrypted email, so this is good.

So I can confirm that the security meets your standard.


Joe - Voice Admin


7: copying forms (response to 6)
Posted by sue potter on

Hi JOe

Thanks for your help above.

Continuing with functionality of form builder - is there a way I can copy a form to save me time creating another from scratch?

Thanks v much


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Posted by Joe Oldak on

Although you can't with the Form Builder, you can have file attachments with the Surveys app. You can also create longer multi-page surveys, and the submissions are held within Voice rather than just being emailed to you.

(So really, the Surveys app wins in lots of ways!)

You can rename apps, so you could easily rename Surveys to Application Forms if you wanted to.