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Posted by Alan-Parry (Euphonix Admin). on

Hi Paula,

When I invite someone to join the Choir that I manage, I follow the format instructions given on the website.  This says only one person per line, in the following format:
jane@example.com, Jane, Austin
emily@example.com, Emily, Dickinson

It is asking that you put your son's email address followed by a comma and a space followed by his first name comma & space, and finally by his surname (with no following space and/or comma).  The email address doesn't need to have a first name.  In fact, the email address that I use is similar to your son's in that it is made up of my initials and surname at an Outlook account.  And I have recently invited several new members that do not include the first name of the individual In their email address and these have been accepted.

I hope that this helps.

Kind regards


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Posted by pasathappyvalley on

I find the best way is to ask your son to request membership then his 'needs approval' request appears in the 'Users  & Permissions'

Then tap 'needs approval' and opposite his name tick either 'approve' or 'remove'.

You dont need to add anything.



8: Re: invite member (response to 5)
Posted by Paula Leach on

Thank You Alan, That explains it perfectly