2: Re: Fresh new theme (response to 1)
Posted by Alan-Parry on

Hi Joe,

Yes, the Fresh theme looks interesting and I like some of the functions that are being proposed.

Is it possible to using an existing website as a "sand-pit" so that we can try out the new theme(s) without compromising existing experiences for our users.  The sand-pits would be mirror images of the originals, but to be run off line and to be made available only to any interested administrator that wants to try them out (perhaps time limited)?  A lot of us report to local community/charity committees and need approval to move from one theme to another, perhaps by being able to demo what the changes would look like might allow some of us to move from the Modern theme to either the Fresh or Bootstrap without compromising existing data.

3: Re: Fresh new theme (response to 2)
Posted by Voice Admin on

I can make a test site available on request to anyone wanting one. These run on our test server which is independent of the live site. It will contain a copy of your live site, though not necessarily up to date with the latest content.

I'll contact you independently Alan, about how to find the test site.

If anyone else wants access to a test site then the best thing to do would be to drop an email to admin@e-voice.org.uk and I can give you the details.


Joe - Voice Admin