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I have set up a domain name and am having it redirect to (e-voice) and i have tried to register the domain within e-voice "External Domain Name" tab. However it is showing "Wrong IP Address - check domain settings" and entering the domain into a browser it gets t the e-voice home page rather than my site. Can you advise?

Many thanks

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The problem is that you have set your domain to redirect to the e-voice IP address - but what you want to do is to have an A record in the DNS for your domain with the e-voice IP address in it.

Currently when a browser does a lookup of your domain it is being told to to go to a site managed by your registrar, which then issues a redirect to the voice site.

What you want is that when the browser looks up your domain it is told to go directly to the voice site.

There are some instructions here for how to set up the DNS entry.


Joe - Voice Admin

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Hi Joe,

Thanks for the speedy reply!

I have followed those instructions but am obviously missing something, When i go to my doman provider (IONOS) it seems i do have an A record. Perhaps it is just taking some time to propogate?


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DNS records can take 24hrs to update, usually done within an hour or so.


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Currently when I do a DNS lookup for your domain I see an A record for

If you have recently changed this to then we just need to wait a few hours for this change to reach different DNS servers.

However, it could be that you need to turn off a redirection setting somewhere else in your control panel to remove the web redirect, which could be overriding your custom DNS settings.

There may be more info available from IONOS on this - unfortunately I'm not an expert on their control panel!



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Hi Joe,

Ahh yes  i have now fixed that and its working!

Many thanks

for your help