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Posted by Bulmer on

Login to the site on Apple IPad is ok, but laptop running w10 says it dose t reconize my email address? 

2: Re: Login (response to 1)
Posted by Bulmer on

This occurs on 2 different laptops running Windows 10, is this happening to anyone else please, if e-voice doesn't accept my email address how can I update the website?

3: Re: Login (response to 2)
Posted by Richard Sullivan on

All good here, it sounds as though the problem is your end.  Odd about the two laptops - coulds they use the same settings?  Have you tried a different browser and Windows i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Edge? You may be having difficulty with a password because of a keyboard problem, so make sure you are using the right language i.e UK and US English keyboards have different symbols. You may be picking up old cached pages, so go into settings for the browser and try a clear of temporary files.  At least you have the option of using the iPad as last resort until it gets sorted.

4: Re: Login (response to 3)
Posted by Bulmer on

Thanks Richard, have used two different browsers, and it's the email address that e-voice says is unknown. Mistyping it every time seems very unlikely. I have asked my backup administrator to try as well, if unsuccessful this proves it has to be e-voice issue



5: Re: Login (response to 2)
Posted by mscarer on

I don't have any problem with login with windows 10 I use firefox browser

6: Re: Login (response to 5)
Posted by Bulmer on

Problem solved, using email address by prediction on iipad, but typing incorrectly on laptops. Apologies for disturbing you all. Richard was right.