Posted by Richard Sullivan on

The address is probably from the "Contact Information" includelet. So find the page with it on in Content Management on the Layout tab, and on a new revision move the includelet to Scratch until you have the correct address.

The address itself is edited in Website Settings - Website Details.


Posted by PhilJ on


I had the same issue with my private address showing so i removed Contact includelet which successfully removed the address from the site but it still appears in Google search results. Is this just a latency issue with Google crawling to discover new/updated pages and therefore it will disappear ? Is there anyway to expedite that ?



Posted by Voice Admin on

Google usually updates in a week or so. I have gone to the google search console now and requested that the site is re-indexed. So hopefully you won't have to wait long!


Joe - Voice Admin

Posted by PhilJ on

Many thanks Joe