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The address I used to set up the site is a private address and I do not want it to show on the page, How can I hide it or remove it?   If not how can I suspend the website temporarily  till we have our charity address to show. 

Posted by Richard Sullivan on

The address is probably from the "Contact Information" includelet. So find the page with it on in Content Management on the Layout tab, and on a new revision move the includelet to Scratch until you have the correct address.

The address itself is edited in Website Settings - Website Details.


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I had the same issue with my private address showing so i removed Contact includelet which successfully removed the address from the site but it still appears in Google search results. Is this just a latency issue with Google crawling to discover new/updated pages and therefore it will disappear ? Is there anyway to expedite that ?



Posted by Voice Admin on

Google usually updates in a week or so. I have gone to the google search console now and requested that the site is re-indexed. So hopefully you won't have to wait long!


Joe - Voice Admin

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Many thanks Joe