Posted by Theo on

I am registering with Voice for the first time and the form is not accepting my website url, which follows the protocol ‘’ where ‘myarea’ is replaced with my organisation name ‘/*****’ in lower case following the forward slash, no numbers or punctuation. This section is highlighted as problematic but I can’t see why after trying various spellings.

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Posted by Richard Sullivan on

Hello Theo

On the application form for a site, if you are including the '/' at the being, then I think that is the problem.  Just the name you want following the final '/' in the URL, so start with a lower-case letter.


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Posted by pasathappyvalley on

Hi Theo, I'm having the same problem. Newly registered but when I fill in the create web site it keeps saying I have made an error but I can't see anything it has highlighted. Tried loads of things but gave up in the end.

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Posted by pasathappyvalley on

Hi Theo, have you solved the create web site problem. I cant get any success?


5: Re: Website url (response to 1)
Posted by Voice Admin on

I think you got this sorted in the end?

For future reference if other people are reading this, regarding the Website Address bit.

  • You can leave this field blank, and the site will create a URL for you based on the organisation's name. e.g., if you enter "My Lovely Website" as the name then you'd get the URL
  • If you want something different then enter this on the form, but without the domain name part. So, if you wanted the URL "" then you would just put "mysite" in here.
  • In any case, whatever URL you choose, you can later register your own domain name if you wish to, and associate this with your e-voice site. So you could have if you wished! There are instructions for how to do this in the documentation.

I hope this helps!