5: Re: Website url (response to 1)
Posted by Voice Admin on

I think you got this sorted in the end?

For future reference if other people are reading this, regarding the Website Address bit.

  • You can leave this field blank, and the site will create a URL for you based on the organisation's name. e.g., if you enter "My Lovely Website" as the name then you'd get the URL https://e-voice.org.uk/my-lovely-website
  • If you want something different then enter this on the form, but without the domain name part. So, if you wanted the URL "https://e-voice.org.uk/mysite" then you would just put "mysite" in here.
  • In any case, whatever URL you choose, you can later register your own domain name if you wish to, and associate this with your e-voice site. So you could have www.my-lovely-website.com if you wished! There are instructions for how to do this in the documentation.

I hope this helps!