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I am new to web site creation so please be gentle

I want to create a simple nfp community website and e voice came recommended by the Tgraph.  I am signed up raring to go but came to a halt when I noticed the approval msg said that E voice is looking for a funding method to allow it to continue after 2020

This is clearly a concern as much work is needed to create a presence and subscribers so the prospect of having to relocate is daunting

Can anyone advise - is it worth starting here?


I see traffic on this forum is very small so silence will be deafening


Posted by SVH_Webmin on

If you have a look at Surrey and Essex Council websites and we have been advised Bedford area websites will stop working after March 2020 this may help you decide.

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We're currently looking for funding to keep e-voice running. Although e-voice is free for you to use, we do have to pay for hosting, maintenance, backups, support, development, etc.

It is true that SurreyCommunity and EssexInfo are closing, and they use the same technology. Those councils paid to use their systems, and part of what they paid went towards funding e-voice for everyone. Since they will no longer be paying for services beyond March 2020, we therefore need to find another way to fund e-voice, or else close it down.

It is frustrating that we haven't been able to make a firm decision on this already, but funding takes time to find!

The current plan is to set up a CIC (Community Interest Company, which is a non-profit), and get some grant funding to keep e-voice running, free for everyone, for several more years. We have applied for grants, but it takes a while to get approval.

When we know for sure we will of course let you all know.



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Was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to set up the website and had several complimentary comments about the appearance.

Do hope you can keep going. Please keep us posted.

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Obviously I don't know how much e-Voice costs annually to run and I haven't added up the number of users but, setting aside the principle that it should be free to users, I am sure that the vast majority if organisations would be able to cough up (say) £25 or £50 a year to keep it going.

When the Essex and Surrey sites close, as they use the same technology I would anticipate that a fair proportion would migrate here, thus adding to income.

Posted by Roger Philip on

I have been using E-Voice to host a Parish Council web site for nearly 10 years. One of its attractions has been the underlying Content Management System which is now a valuable Parish archive of reports, minutes, agendas and events,etc. Will there be a convenient way to download all the documents and data that I have patiently uploaded over the past ten years? It would be good to know well in advance in case it all has to be done manually. 

I am sure most parish councils and voluntary organisations would support a subscription if it could maintain - and ideally enhance - this valuable service. Some updating and refinement of the software would be welcome.

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Hi Roger,

Central Beds is faced with this challenge.
I am on


Would be happy to give you some ideas for moving forward.