Posted by PeterB on


I applied for a new website, but am still waiting to hear back.

Was also wondering whether we can use an existing address which we own, rather than have to be a subdomain of e-voice?




2: Re: New Website (response to 1)
Posted by Voice Admin on

Sorry for the delay approving the site - I was on holiday last week in a forest with no WiFi :-)

I've now approved the site and you should have received an email notification of this.

And, yes, you can use your own domain with your e-voice site. You just need to set the DNS appropriately and add the domain name in the Site Domain page your site's config. You need to register the domain yourself though.

There are some more instructions about domain names here.



3: Re: New Website (response to 2)
Posted by south molton twinning on

Hi -  I applied for a new website, and wonder how I can find out if i am approved or not.

Peter Killow (South Molton Twinning)