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One of my members has reported that the  Menu Bar at the top of the web-pages has disappeared and therefore cannot access the site properly.  This is a PC related issue (not affecting iPad or Tablet).  As far as I'm aware the site is working fine and this appears to be an isolated incident.  Has anyone else come across a similar problem where the menu bar has disappeared (and was it replaced with some form of drop-down menu)?

Cluctching a straws here - any help or ideas would be of the greatest assistance.

Many thanks

Alan Parry (Euphonix Choir)

PS. The individual has been set up with Admin rights simply because they are part of the Committee.

2: Re: Menu Bar (response to 1)
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Might be to do with a move to the Modern theme?  With that the menu bar resizes dynamically depending on the orientation or resolution of the display.  The top-level pages move to a dropdown and an icon of horizontal lines appears next to the home icon.  It should provide full functionality.  I tried changing the resolution of my laptop display and our site worked OK with both types of menu.