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You don't want to change the IPS Tag - we don't host the domain itself, just the website.

You would need the IPS Tag to move the domain from 123-Reg to another registrar.

Instead, just go to the DNS settings for your site within the 123-Reg control panel, and set up an A record for pointing to the e-voice server at

There are some instructions for domain names in the documentation, including some 123-reg specific bits.


Joe - Voice Admin

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Joe, we would like to migrate from old web site and make a new one but cant get admin access to our web site any more due to staff changes. How do we get the Chair of Council to be an administrator without having such access?

OR we are happy to keep current web site so long as we can decide who is admin and who is not.

Thanks, Barry

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I can add you as an admin of the existing site, and then you can manage who does/doesn't have admin access. A site can have as many or as few administrators as you like.

Probably best if you send me an email at confirming which account you would like to be the admin, and for which site. (rather than adding the details here on the forum!)