I uploaded an image that had been cropped from the original. In the Assets Library it appears as amended (i.e. cropped version) but when I insert the image into the web page, the original (uncropped) version is displayed. What is going on and how can I fix it?

Posted by Joe Oldak on


To enable us to look into this could you please let me know some information. We'd like to know:

  1. The name of the community which you've seen the problem in
  2. The name of the image that you are trying to include in the page
  3. Whether you cropped it yourself using other software or you mean it was cropped by our system
  4. The web page that you are trying to insert the image into

Once we have this information we can take a look and determine what's happening in your situation.


Rob Denison.

Cambridge Open Systems' Support Team

Posted by orchardgirl on

Sorry for the long delay in replying!

I now have a (possibly) similar problem with a different photo on www.collischoralsingers.org. The photo (Sebastian Valentine) was supplied to me in portrait orientation.  When I load it into the assets library it appears as landscape orientation.  I can see no way of changing it back.


Posted by orchardgirl on

I have today loaded the photo (in the wrong orientation) onto the page where I want it to appear - Musicians - so it can be seen as a preview but not on the live website.

Posted by Deleted User on

I had something similar a little while ago - but in my case the problem was that the browser was displaying a cached page. Could this be the case here?