5: Re: New ModernTheme (response to 4)
Posted by Voice Admin on

Hi Clare,

I'd be happy to help you get set up. However, at the moment I'm not clear on what problem you're experiencing. 

The instructions you've linked do provide details of how to use the new theme and slider and I'd expect that's the information you need. 

So could you let me know the process you've been through so far and what's happened that means you couldn't achieve what you wanted.


Rob Denison.

6: Re: New ModernTheme (response to 5)
Posted by Len Crockford on

I quite like the Modern Theme, especially when viewing the site on a smart phone. However I was alarmed to find that on validating one of my pages with W3C upwards of 50 errors were found!

Most, but not all, of these were down to my use of tables with attributes that are now deprecated.  ( A custom CSS file is called for here!)

However, not down to me, there is a duplication of  'id = search' on all pages and an error in the events includelet on the home page - this inserts a paragraph inside a paragraph.

7: Re: New ModernTheme (response to 6)
Posted by Voice Admin on

Thanks for the report, Len. I'll look into the validation results and put up some fixes in the near future.


Joe - Voice Admin