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  • 25 November 2021: we have an article in the Sheffield Star about our Remembrance event
  • 11 Nov 2021: Year 5 of Loxley Primary School held a Remembrance Event at the Cemetery, with which we assisted. The children remembered the fallen and placed wreaths and poppy crosses on the graves. They had been researching the lives of war dead and had written a short biography of each on the wreaths. See our Photo Gallery.
  • Nov. 2021: A big Thank You to Bradfield Parish Council who are supporting us with a grant for exhibition equipment and other items.
  • Nov. 2021: We are now included on the Joined Up Heritage Sheffield website.
  • Nominate us! The four local authorities in South Yorkshire have been awarded funding to create a Local Heritage List: can nominate a historic place - which could be a building, structure, garden, landmark, archaeological site or landscape - and it will be considered for addition to the list by an expert panel.

    We can nominate the cemetery for this. I would hope that the more nominations we get, the more likely we will be included! But please don't nominate the chapel as it is already a listed building.

  • From the week beginning 15 November, our Tuesday morning working sessions will change to a Thursday. So the first official Thursday session will be 18 November.
  • Here's a short YouTube video of what the cemetery looks like now (September 2021) after all our hard work this year.



Official working sessions are every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, from 13.30-16.00, plus some Thursday mornings, 10-12, please check the Events Calendar for specific dates.  All members are covered by insurance and there will be a committee member there with a first aid kit, just in case. Any other sessions are unofficial, which means that you are not covered by insurance, and there will not be a leader there.


You are welcome to turn up for these sessions and join us. Please park near the Long Lane entrance, there's room for several cars alongside the road.

  • Please bring secateurs, shears and tough gardening gloves to deal with the nettles and brambles. A  cordless or petrol strimmer would also be useful if you have one (no power supply is available up there). A rake to gather stuff together is also useful.
  • We have a number of large builders' bags which we fill with the cut down vegetation. These can then be taken to the bottom corner of the cemetery by Long Lane, just above the wall separating the cemetery from Loxley Nursery. There is a large pile of green waste - just add yours here.
  • All non-green waste must be removed please, and piled separately or put into sacks for disposal. You will probably find lots of plastic waste from wreaths, flowers, ornaments etc. which cannot be recyled with the green waste.
Health and Safety - Please note that the cemetery is very overgrown so beware of what might be beneath your feet!


 Work in Loxley Cemetery Mar 2021