Official working sessions are every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, from 13.30-16.00; please check the Events Calendar for specific dates.  Some members also work on other days but this is at their own risk. At an official work session all members are covered by insurance and there will be a committee member there with a first aid kit, just in case. 

 You are welcome to turn up for these sessions and join us. Please park near the Long Lane entrance, there's room for several cars alongside the road. You can also park on Loxley Road if you are working in the area around the chapel. Please take care not to block the big iron gates.

  • While we have some tools we can lend to volunteers, it is useful is you can bring your own - secateurs, shears and tough gardening gloves to deal with the nettles and brambles. A  strimmer or similar would also be useful if you have one (cordless - no power supply is available up there). A rake to gather stuff together is also useful. 
  • We have a number of large builders' bags which we fill with the cut down vegetation. These can then be taken to the bottom corner of the cemetery by Long Lane, just above the wall separating the cemetery from Loxley Nursery. There is a large pile of green waste - just add yours here. Green waste from the chapel area is stored below the graveyard, just ask a volunteer to show you.
  • All non-green waste must be removed please, and piled separately or put into sacks for disposal. You will probably find lots of plastic waste from wreaths, flowers, ornaments etc. which cannot be recycled with the green waste. This needs to be bagged separately for disposal.

If you have any questions please contact Jane Pratt who is our Head of Volunteering: loxleytreasurer1@gmail.com.

Before and after photos: 2021 (note the red granite gravestone in both photos)

Loxley Cemetery Feb 2021  Loxley Cemetery Nov 2021

Health and safety is very important while working in the cemetery; please read our separate section on safe working.


 Work in Loxley Cemetery Mar 2021