War Commission Graves

Commonwealth War Commission sign

War Commission Graves

There are 13 War Commission Graves in Loxley Cemetery that are looked after by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission:


Name Date of death Location in cemetery
Belk, Doreen Frances 23rd June 1945 N.E.Sec. Line F. Grave 36 
Booth, Edwin 5th January 1946  N.E.Sec. Line A. Grave 124 
Bradwell, Gladys Wendy 2nd December 1939  North Sec. Line E. Grave 22 
Crownshaw, Ernest 4th December 1918  Line B. Grave 53 
Hallam, Frank Foster 7th January 1940  N.E Sec. 2. Line C. Grave 76 
Hayward, Thomas 21st December 1941  N.E Sec. Line E. Grave 100 
Hoult, Joseph 18th December 1916  Line C. Grave 49 
Jacques, William Joseph 14th August 1941  N.E.Sec. Line E. Grave 78 
Redfearn, Horace 1st November 1947  N.E Sec 2. Line L. Grave 36 
Spencer, Roy 26th September 1942  N.E Sec. Line J. Grave 110 
Whitaker, Arthur 22nd July 1942  N.E Sec. Line J. Grave 113 
Wild, Charles Ellis 21st July 1918  Line D. Grave 60. 
Wilson, Thomas Walter 18th December 1945  N.E. Sec.2. Line M, Grave 1 


Not all of these have a War Commission headstone. Further details are available in this list.

Civilian War dead:

  • Shaw, John William, d. 13 December 1940. ARP warden. Location in cemetery: N.E. Section K36. No headstone.