About Us

The Friends of Loxley Cemetery aim to restore the graveyard to provide safe access for visitors to all the grave plots, to maintain the aesthetics and environmental integrity of the site, and to provide access to its historical records. Our volunteers work throughout the year clearing and maintaining the site. We hold Open Days several times a year. Membership is just £5 per year. Please support our work in any way you can! 

Our History

Loxley Church (originally Loxley Congregational Chapel) and Cemetery date back to the late 18th Century, and the cemetery is still open for burials in existing plots, although no further plots are being sold. The church closed in 1993 with the building gradually deteriorating into a ruinous state over the years. The churchyard which surrounds the church on all sides had become seriously  overgrown. The chapel has a long history; it was constructed in 1787, with the first recorded baptism being in 1798 and the first recorded burial in 1806. We have records for burials, baptisms and marriages.

About the Friends

The Friends of Loxley Cemetery group was formed in 2019, to: 

  1. Maintain the physical upkeep of Loxley Cemetery
  2. Maintain the cemetery in keeping with the environment of the Loxley Valley
  3. Create and maintain historic records connected to the Cemetery
  4. Work with the owner to restore Loxley Church and preserve the memorials

 The full constitution (amended 2022) can be read here.

The current officers of the group are: 

  • Chairman: Mike Ford, loxley.chair@gmail.com
  • Treasurer: Jane Pratt, loxleytreasurer1@gmail.com
  • Secretary: Verity Brack, loxley.secretary@yahoo.com 

There are 11 members of the Management Committee, including the 3 officers above. The members have a variety of roles including Health and Safety, Publicity, and locating graves for people enquiring about their deceased family members (Find A Grave Service). The Committee meets regularly, and there is also an Annual General Meeting that is open to all members.


Contact Us

Chair: Mike Ford loxley.chair@gmail.com

Secretary: Verity Brack loxley.secretary@yahoo.com

Treasurer & Head of Volunteering: Jane Pratt loxleytreasurer1@gmail.com

Burial Research Team: loxley.burials@gmail.com