Fresh Flower Service

We know that some people are unable to visit their loved one’s grave but would still like to remember them with flowers or plants on special occasions.

One of our volunteers has kindly offered to help anyone who is unable to visit the cemetery by collecting plants from the local garden centre and placing them on the grave. She will also send you an email with a photograph of the flowers on the grave.

The cost of the flowers would be agreed with you in advance. We do not intend to add a service charge, but we would ask you to consider making a small donation. This helps with the costs of maintaining the cemetery. Unfortunately we cannot provide cut flowers, only pots and bulbs.

Examples of flowers that may be available:

  flowers1v2.jpg flowers3v2.jpg flowers4v2.jpg

If you would like to make use of this service, please email Jane, our treasurer, at and include the information below.

  • Details of flowers required.
  • Name(s) of loved one or the person you would like remembered, and the special date.
  • Plot number and location of their grave and any message you would like adding to the flowers.
  • Complete the donation form at and then send the money via bank transfer using the bank details on the website.
  • We will purchase the flowers on receipt of the money so please ensure that you leave enough time for the transfer to go through.