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Loxley Cemetery has thousands of graves; the first recorded burial is 1806 and the cemetery - about 10 acres in extent - is still in use today for burials using the existing family plots. For most of its life Loxley Chapel (Church) was not an Anglican church, in fact it was rented by 'Dissenters' or 'Independents' (non-conformists) from as early as 1798, about ten years after it was built. It drew worshippers from a wide area of north Sheffield, not just the Loxley Valley, so many Sheffield familes had their burial plots here.

We have full (or almost full) records of burials in both the main sections of the cemetery. We also have other historical records - baptisms and marriages.

If you want to locate a grave and already know the grave plot reference, then you can check our Plans of the Cemetery. The layout of the cemetery is complicated so please read this section carefully. The rows at the top of the Long Lane section have small wooden markers with plot letters and numbers. The chapel sections do not have any markers. 


The Friends of Loxley Cemetery group is run entirely by volunteers. We are happy to carry out a basic search of our records and provide the plot reference at no cost to enquirers.

If you wish to engage our Burial Research Team in more extensive work then we accept donations for their efforts and to help with our running costs. The minimum suggested donation for this service is:

  • £15 which includes a monument inscription (if there is one), the burial record, photographs of the grave and monument, and a plan showing the exact location of the grave.
  • Clearing the area of vegetation and ensuring access is possible.
  • No donation is expected if we are unable to find any information regarding your query.

Please donate via our Donation form; preferably by bank transfer or you can send a cheque (details on the Donation form).

The Find A Grave Service is free to members. If you are not a member, then please join us so you can take advantage of the service - the annual fee is only £5 (see the Join Us page for details). Donations are also welcome!

To contact our Burial Research Team, please complete our Burial Enquiry Form.