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Loxley Cemetery has hundreds of graves; the first recorded burial is 1806 and the cemetery - about 10 acres in extent - is still in use today for burials using the existing family plots. For most of its life Loxley Chapel (Church) was not an Anglican church, in fact it was rented by 'Dissenters' or 'Independents' from as early as 1798, about ten years after it was built. It drew worshippers from a wide area of north Sheffield, not just the Loxley Valley, so many Sheffield familes had their burial plots here.

We like to help people identify their relatives' last resting places, so we run a Find A Grave Service. Malcolm Nunn, committee member and archivist for Bradfield Parish Council, has carried out extensive research on the cemetery, and has lists of plot owners.

Please bear in mind that we may not be able to locate the grave you're looking for, because:

  1. Our lists have the names of the person(s) who purchased the plot, not the name of the persons buried there. They may have the same family name but equally may not!
  2. We do not hold names of individuals who are buried in Long Lane sections as we were not allowed to transcribe them due to data protection issues etc. The only way is to look at the headstones to see if the person is named on the stone. The alternative is for the person researching to contact Sheffield Archives as they have the original records and should be able to come up with the information. We are not allowed to do this - it has to be a member of the family.
  3. Quite a few of the plots are not marked by a headstone, and may just be a mound. Sometimes the mounds are marked by an urn but these can be buried under moss and weeds so cannot easily be seen.
  4. Some of the headstones are in a poor state after many years, so that it is very difficult to read the inscription. Some headstones have fallen over onto the engraved side.
  5. Some of the cemetery is still covered in a thick carpet of nettles, ivy, brambles and other weeds, so even if we know the row and plot number, we may not be able to uncover it immediately. You are welcome to come and hack away the weeds, of course!

The Find A Grave Service is free to members. If you are not a member, then please join us so you can take advantage of the service - the annual fee is only £5 (see the Join Us page for details). Donations are also welcome! All enquiries to the Secretary please, at

Plans of the Cemetery

We have several different plans of the cemetery showing the layout of the rows and plot numbers. They are in the separate Plans section.