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Where we are:

The cemetery has an entrance on Loxley Road (B6077) and one on Long Lane, above Loxley Nurseries. Google shows it as being ‘Loxley United Reformed Churchyard’.

Note that Wisewood Cemetery is also on Loxley Road but closer to Hillsborough, and before the Admiral Rodney.


You can park on Loxley Road by the big gates, and there’s some roadside parking by the gate on Long Lane.

Opening hours:

The cemetery is open all the time. You can visit whenever you like. The gates on Loxley Road are not locked but please make sure you close them behind you.

Walking round the cemetery:

The main paths are easy to follow, but only the drive from Loxley Road to the chapel has a hard surface. The paths can be muddy and slippery at times so it is advisable to wear sensible footwear. Also please watch out for trip hazards – fallen gravestones, hidden dips and holes in the ground, hidden stones, tree stumps, brambles and ivy roots. Although our volunteers do their best to keep the cemetery clear, nettles and brambles grow at an alarming rate!

Please keep away from any cordoned-off areas, especially around the chapel ruins; also please keep at least 15m away from any volunteers using power tools. Some of the headstones on the graves may be unstable - take care!

And please remember to take your litter home, and clean up after your dog!

Finding a Grave:

The cemetery is complicated to find your way round, as extra burial sections were added as necessary and not according to any particular plan - please check the detailed Site Plans which have explanations and diagrams to help.