Victims of the Great Sheffield Flood

The Flood killed at least 250 people outright, and many more died later from injury or disease caused by the raging waters.  We have 22 Flood victims buried in the cemetery.

Flood Victims Buried in Loxley Cemetery

On the North Terrace (behind the chapel)

Armitage Family (CNT, plot 8-3)

Eliza, Ann, William (snr), Greaves, Maria, Charles and William (jnr) were all buried on 15 March 1864. Two other members of the family, Samuel and Henry, were assumed lost in the flood but their bodies were never found. They are mentioned on the headstone. The Armitage family lived and worked at the Stag Inn on Holme Lane, Hillsborough.

John Bower (CNT, plot 13-2)

Buried March 17 1864.

Jeremiah Buckley (CNT, plot 3-3, no headstone)

Buried August 14 1864. Jeremiah died from an illness due to the flood.

Chapman Family (CNT, plot 1-2, no headstone)

Daniel, Ellin and Samuel were all buried on 15 March 1864. Daniel Chapman was the mill owner and manager of the Little Matlock mill.

William Chapman (CNT, plot 2-2, no headstone)

William was buried March 17 1864. He was the nephew of Daniel Chapman. His body was found many miles away, at Swinton.

Elizabeth Crownshaw (CNT, plot 9-5)

Buried March 14 1864. Elizabeth was a servant girl working for the Armitage family at the Stag Inn.

Selina Turner (CNT, plot 10-5, no headstone)

Buried May 6 1864. 

In the South Section (in front of the chapel)

Bates Family (CSS, plot 17-16)

Thomas, Harriet, George, and Thomas (jnr) were buried on March 15 1864. 

Dentons (CSS, plot  13-19)

Thomas Denton was buried March 13 1864; Joseph Denton was buried March 16 1864.

Hudsons (CSS, plot 12-4)

John and George Hudson (father and son) were both buried on March 14 1864.

Eliza Hudson (CSS, plot 6-14)

Eliza Hudson was buried on April 12 1864). Eliza was the wife of John Hudson, and mother of George but she is buried separately in a plot belonging to her family, the Burgins.


Stories of the Flood

Some people had lucky escapes. Here we have some stories of those caught up in the disaster:

  • James Dyson: survived the flood despite the devastation of the row of houses he was living in.