Flood resources

Links to all sorts of books, articles, videos and photographs about the flood are listed on this page.


Amey, Geoffrey. 1974. The Collapse of Dale Dyke Dam.

Draper, E. G. 1995. The Great Sheffield Flood of 1864: a Collection of Lantern Slides and Accompanying Text.

Drewry, Mick. 2014. Inundation - The Great Sheffield Flood of 1864.

Harrison, Samuel. 1864. A Complete History of the Great Flood at Sheffield on March 11 & 12, 1864. Reprinted several times including: 1898, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2015, 2018

Hindle, Robert. 2006. Some Histories of the Sheffield Flood. 

Lightowler, Karen. 2018. Sheffield Flood The Aftermath; 10th Anniversary ed. 

Machan, Peter. 1999. The Dramatic Story of the Sheffield Flood.

Sheffield City Archives and Local Studies Library: Flood of 1864 Research Guide



Sheffield's Great Flood: article(s) by Mick Drewry (2021) for the Sheffield Star, to mark the anniversary of the 1864 Flood



Sheffield Flood Claims Archive: a digitised version of the Sheffield Flood Claims Registers. The site can be searched by name, address, description of claim and particulars of claim.

The Great Sheffield Flood 1864: General Cemetery, Sheffield

Sheffield City Archives and Local Studies Library YouTube Flood slideshow https://youtu.be/iVdptJeXvDY

The Forgotten Flood: Sheffield's Tragic Past Remembered, BBC:2014

The Great Sheffield Flood, Sky History Channel



There were many photos taken of the aftermath of the flood, as it became a tourist attraction for a while. PictureSheffield holds many of these and have kindly given us permission to use their photos in our Gallery.