Speedwatch Report June/July 2010

We have a speeding problem in Elstead, particularly on the Milford Road in the early morning and evening. Volunteers are needed to help us step up the number of operations we can carry out to reduce this inconsiderate and dangerous behaviour on the part of commuters passing through the village. Please contact the Speed Watch team through |CONTACT US| if you can help. Times and frequency of operations are negotiable. We need your support please.

On Friday June 4th in the 30 mph zone of the Milford Road, 64 vehicles were recorded in 1 hour 20 minutes, travelling between 36 and 56 mph. These included:-

N Reg. 45 mph  VW Golf

R Reg. 45 mph  BMW, silver

SF Reg. 46 mph  BMW,

AB Reg. 46 mph  Range Rover, silver

GY Reg. 46 mph  Ford, turquoise green

V Reg. 55 mph  Ford

X Reg. 50 mph  Jaguar, silver

FA Reg. 45 mph  Lotus, orange

Average speed of all vehicles recorded was 40.5 mph.

On Friday June 25th, ï»¿93 vehicles were recorded in 1 hour 20 minutes, travelling between 36 and 51 mph. These included:-

Y Reg Dark Blue Estate 46 mph

T Reg. Dark grey/black Vauxhall 47 mph

Y Reg. White/cream coach from Andover 47 mph

X Reg. Light Blue Ford 51 mph

On Thursday July 8th, in 1 hour 5 minutes we recorded 77 vehicles in the same part of the Milford Road, travelling between 36 and 53 mph. These included:-

V Reg. Black Vauxhall 48 mph

KJ Reg. Silver Vauxhall 50 mph

Y Reg. Silver Citroen estate 53 mph

LG Reg. Peugeot van 48 mph

X Reg. Mercedes soft top 46 mph

The average speed of all vehicles recorded on these two occasions was over 38 mph. Unfortunately some of them were local drivers.

On July 23rd 69 vehicles were recorded at the same location in 1 hour 10 minutes, travelling at an average speed of 40 mph. They included:-

S Reg. VW estate, grey 45 mph

F Reg. Vauxhall, grey 47 mph

M Reg. BMW, grey 47 mph

A Reg. Peugeot, blue accelerating 53 mph

R Reg. Honda, blue, 45 mph

M Reg. Vauxhall, black 45 mph

H Reg. Toyota, ‘L’ plates showing, 43 mph, turned into Springhill or Hookley Lane

On July 27th we recorded 29 vehicles in 1 hour and 20 minutes travelling between 36 and 41 mph with an average of over 38 mph. Traffic was fairly light and quite a large proportion of vehicles were travelling at less than 35 mph. However only about a third were within the 30 mph limit.

The police have written to owners of vehicles warning them that further action may be taken if they are recorded again, speeding in the  Surrey Police area. Some vehicles have already been recorded in Elstead more than once.