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[MoD Statement on Access to Hankley Common  February 2012]


Brief Summary. (By the "harbour area" they mean the central DZ car park.)


"The MOD has reluctantly decided to close the military harbour area on the Hankley Common Training Area to civilian vehicles. We are doing this to reduce disruption to military training, improve public safety and curb an increasing number ofincidents of fly-tipping and dog fouling,

Military users have gradually moved their activities to smaller zones to ensure safety for themselves and members of the public. However, public use of the harbour area is now having a detrimental effect on the Armed Forces’ ability to train safely and effectively.

The MOD is not obliged to provide car parking in the area. However, given the public’s long-standing use of the military harbour, we aim to provide civilian parking at a more suitable site. A date for closure has not yet been agreed, but the harbour area will remain open to civilian vehicles until an alternative site has been chosen.

Despite rumours, there are no plans to restrict responsible public access to Hankley Common Training Area, but the MOD must manage its estate to ensure military training has precedence.

The MOD has established a structured consultation process on these proposals with parish councils in Thursley and Elstead, as well as Waverley Borough Council."