why do global leaders fight

it be clearly evident that many world leaders and govern-ment-al and con-gress etcetera fight an argue not only with other countries leaders yet within their own institutions on a daily basis

therein lays the problems that they then project on to the innocent folk by making up militia groups they call Navy, Army, Air-Force, Marines, SAS and much much more that get sent to various countries and attack innocent folk making them flee their own countries to seek refuge elsewhere

a simple solution would be to pack all these so-called leaders in one [1] area away from innocent folk such as a small island with no-way to escape  and let them fight among themselves and for them to be survival of the fittest and to feed off the land

then innocent folk can go back to their lives and livelihoods and their families etc and start living better lives

13:44, 24 Dec 2023 by gods child

wow this is so spot on

this must be done, but how...??

by gods child on 24/12/23