cost of living crisis

With the cost of living crisis, I have witnessed in my county that there is limited help and barriers, such as;

Utility bills like electricity, water, and gas;

  • food-banks as mentioned [herel]
  • be in a localised catchment area named [wards] or [community wards]
  • fill out a myriad of forms, either paper or online

Thus far i am yet to locate in my county any help with communication costs, such as;

  • mobile phone
  • landline
  • internet
  • transport costs other than for job related transport

There are warm hubs, where folk can go yet they are non properly advertised and many folk I spoke with did non know they exist.

Some of these warm hubs are free and some charge and it is hit and miss to get the knowledge prior to going to these venues which are often open one [1] day a week for up to two [2] hours at a time.

With [Councils] funding most and the reports of [Councils] going bankrupt in the [United Kingdom] formally known by [Great Britain] their funding will obviously cease in the non too distant futuro this leaves folk more vulnerable than ever.