There are currently two [2] types of events;

If you are looking to host any of the following events, then look no further.


speak to us about the kind of fundraising event you have in mind.


Gaining back your power.

Navigating and interpreting both Legal-Lawful systems.

You can now book us for either of these events.

For talks and fundraising there must be a minimum of Fifteen [15] attendees for turn-out.

Hosts please use the Event-booking-form for your bookings, [link opens in a new window]

Ticket prices;

Per head;

0 to 15 £30.00 Thirty-pound [GBP]

15 to 50 £15.00 Fifteen-pound [GBP]

50 to100 £10.00 Ten-pound [GBP]

100 or more £7.00 Seven-pound [GBP]

Children under Thirteen [13] go free

If you need further knowledge or questions about events, please do non hesitate to reach out to us, by using our Contact-us page, telephone or send us an email.


Prices may be subject to change per venue location, travel and or accommodation costs.

We are heavily reliant on public-transportation and are subject to their prices.

A percentage of donations raised on the day/evening, will be paid directly to a small local independent charity, or small independent business or where it is needed most for pay-it-forward in your local community, at the discretion of non-profit-solutions-foundation.

All events, must, with non-exception, be family friendly.

Subject to enough call and sufficient funds/donations to cover, there may be places for some who genuinely can-not afford the price of the event.

Events can take time, sometimes a few months to set-up, organize, advertise and gain enough attendees, thus patience is required.

Hosts and interested parties are responsible to advertise their event [s]

non-profit-solutions-foundation, will advertise your event[s] in our events-calendar and in our member pages.

Costs incurred  such as;



must be met by the ticket sales or by agreement prior to travel