Drop-in sessions

If you have a venue or access to a venue and would like to help others by inviting us for having one [1] or more drop-in sessions, feel free to contact us by phone or email, use our contact form for further knowledge pertaining to these drop-in sessions or other services we provide.

Drop-in sessions;

Navigating and interpreting both Legal-Lawful systems per your circumstances.

Debt advice.

Lawful and legal advice.

 We do non-charge for drop-in sessions as we are donation based and feel it best for you to donate what you can, without leaving yourself in debt.

We know;

It is very difficult to get legal-aid as they make it very hard to obtain.

Solicitors, Barristers, Lawyers etcetera, screw-over and fleece their clients for what they can get out of them.

Solicitors, Barristers, Lawyers etcetera, drag things out longevity, draining their clients of energy and funds.

Standard Solicitor letters range from £200.00 GBP to over £400.00 GBP.

Solicitors, Barristers, Lawyers etcetera, work for the [BAR Association] whereby they speak a language of their own.

We wholeheartedly believe;

  Everyone must have access to Legal/Lawful advice.

 Have a God-given right for defending themselves against any inequities or wrong-doings against them.

 Do non-worry if you can-non afford to give a donation as that is what the [Pay-it-forward] is for.


You could volunteer in your spare time.

Tell your friends,family and colleagues.

Share link to our website online.






These drop-in sessions are not a get out of jail free card, for those who commit-crimes or wrongdoings or are about to commit-crimes or wrongdoings.

Remember a non-fair-and-just, Act/Statute, Rule, Policy, Law, Direction, Instruction, Order, etcetera, that only benefit a few, is no, Rule, Policy, Law, Direction, Instruction, Order etcetera.

Even at military level, non-fair-and-just, Act/Statute, Rule, Policy, Law, Direction, Instruction, Order, etcetera, can and must be challenged, in the correct manner.