Help with ongoing costs

Costs such as telephone internet transport etcetera.

As mentioned here there is a clear lack of support in these areas and we aim to bridge the gap by making support available to all.

Many folk are reliant on telephones internet and transport costs whether it be fuel for the car or public transport as lifelines.

Your kind and generous donations help us bridge that gap, for we are truly grateful for your kindness and support of our fellow brothers and sisters.

I am fundraising for local and global charities, and distributing the funds, to where they are needed most in the community.

I know what it is like, to fall on hard times without money and being homeless, knowing there is not enough help out there, when folk need it most.

Not much has changed, thus I need to help make the changes that is needed in the communities.

Many foodbanks have caveats which are very degrading to say the least, not to mention the is non help folk keep communications like landlines or mobile phones running, whereas most places want everyone to interact online, even for looking for jobs thru contacting their GP etcetera.

The first £1000.00 or more will go to buy Hats, Scarves, Gloves, Socks and Underwear, Sub-zero sleeping bags, sleeping bag liners and sleeping mats, cooking facilities etc for the homeless.

Other funds will be distributed in local communities and to other small independent charities, not limited to,

 For helping folk;

Escape domestic violence
Prevent folk becoming homeless
Keep their lifelines open such as mobile or landlines
Household repair
Vehicle repair
Pay it forward
School/College supplies
Fight injustice
Legal costs

and much much more, as the need arises in the community.