speak to us about the kind of fundraising event you have in mind.

Fundraising can be any topic from A thru Z, as long as it is family friendly.

Be as creative and as fun as you like.

We can help you with creative ideas, should want us too.

 All fundraising, venues and environment, must, with non-exception, be family friendly.

We do request that;

No food is used that would go to waste, e.g. bathing in baked beans, custard etcetera.

No animal, insect or human get hurt.

No land or property gets damaged.

Non-exahustive list of ideas, to get you started;

Do as many good deeds in a day, hour etcetera.

Fancy dress.

Give up an addiction.

Trivia day/night.


Swear/Sorry jars.

Guess the weight the jar of sweets.

Guess how many sweets are in the jar.

Sponsored silence.


Donate your skills to help folk in your community.


Seasonal jumper day.

Pyjama party.

Grow-out or shave your beard.

Grow or cut your hair.

Duvet days.

Fun run.

Beat the goalie.


Climbing competition.

Stair climbing competition.

Arm wrestling.

Treasure hunt.

Game night.

Lemonade stand.

Bring and buy.

Jumble sale.

Easter egg hunt.

Art attack.

Teddy bears picnic.

Non Work/School uniform days.

Teachers/CEO's etcetera were uniform days.

Give up social medis for a day/week etctera.

Vehicle wash[es].

Lawn mowing.

Spelling bee.

Bake sale.


Treadmill relay race.


Breakfast in bed.

Work/School concerts.

Film nights.

Dinner parties.


Exercise lessons.

Battle of the bands.

Fashion shows.

Rollerblade/Rollerskate races.

Scavenger hunts.

Karaoke nights.

Coffee mornings.

Tea parties.

Comedy nights.

Yard sales.

Talent shows.

50/50 raffles.

Dog walking.

Pet sitting.

Meditation nights.

Clothing drives.

Indoor cycling.

Community bonfires.

Tree planting.

Basketball tournaments.

Relay races.

Craft fairs.

Dunk tank.

Surf tournaments.

BBQ cook-offs.

Costume races.

Bowling tournaments.