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Looking fo a job, then look no further.


Perfect job opportunities for all.


Whether you need a full time job to pay the rent, bills etcetera or to help raise some pocket money, we have the job for you.

We have volunteer and job roles available, ranging from;

Full time.

Part time.


If you want to try fundraising there are both paid and volunteer roles available.

Paid roles are percentage, based on funds raised and are fun interacting with folk.

The more you raise, the more you earn.

These are jobs/roles that can let your creative side progress.

You will have free access to the members section included with both volunteer and paid roles, worth £10.00 per month. See Members perks for details.

Part time roles, can be tailored to suit your busy lifestyle, like school-runs etcetera, you work what hours you can.

No experience necessary, training provided.


If you like helping your local and wider communities, having fun and are in need or want of a job, then reply to this advert and complete this Job application form.

 Please send a copy of your CV to enquiries_nfpsf@yahoo.com

Before applying for a job, please see our Guidance page, if you have not done so already, to see if our values resonate with you.

You must be at least minimum legal age or above legal minimum age to apply for these jobs.

If you are thirteen [13] ~ sixteen [16] please make sure you get your Parent[s], Guardians, Caregivers, permission to work. We will need contact details for your Parent[s], Guardians, Caregivers, to see if permission is granted.

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