we suffer from many a trauma and conflicts of the mind caused by conflict from a very early age, traumas that we then go on and project on to others

this list is non exhaustive, however after watching the video, you non doubt will get the gist

many folk can relate with these traumas, such as teaching babies and children;

  • to burp then when they get older tell them it is rude to burp
  • to walk and talk then tell them to sit down and shut up
  • to lie and be deceptive
  • about stranger-danger then send them off to doctrination-centers called nurseries, kindergarten, schools etcetera
  • to chase mammon and be the ones the Jonse's need to keep up with
  • to fall foul of seven [7] deadly sins of gluttony, envy, pride, covetousness, anger and sloth especially around this time of year
  • it is ok to sit on a strange man's lap in a red suit even when the child says no
  • it is ok for a strange rotund man in a red-suit to be in a childs bedroom that has magically appeared through a chimney
  • a strange rotund man in a red-suit brings them material-goods
  • they are under twenty-four-seven [24/7] surveillance as this strange rotund man knows if they have been naughty or nice

plus mention of the fact that when children goes back to school after the event, many children will get traumatized by their friends having material-goods and they have non had anything or very little in comparison when the teacher ask the children what did they have etcetera


10:40, 23 Dec 2023 by gods child