5k summer series 2022 - results 13th July

Despite fears that you'd all opt out given the heat, we had a decent turnout for the final race. There was some cloud cover and it had cooled slightly by 7pm, but there's no doubt it was still sapping, so well done to everyone.

Rob Foster of Datchet Dashers led the race throughout, giving him the full set of winner's medals, though Hillingdon AC's Charlie Edwards was back from injury to keep him company in the first half. Third-placed James Lally managed to run his best time to date. Patrick Butler was pushed back into fourth, having placed second in the first two races. Charlie's younger brother Luke is more into weight-lifting than running but showed an impressive turn of speed to finish fifth, so there are definitely some good running genes in the Edwards family!

There was a new face at the front of the women's field, making it a double first for Datchet Dashers. Ultra runner Veronika Gill led throughout, with previous winner Sarah Quantrill of Chiltern Harriers finishing some 100m adrift. Jennifer Coleman (Burnham Joggers) and Joanna Edwards were once again the next to cross the line.

It was great to see so many vests belonging to the Hayes & Harlington club, who support the series so well each year. (Word has it they also support The Crooked Billet down the road, which is where they end up to celebrate the end of the series!) Burnham Joggers were also well represented.

The series awards were presented at the end of the race and congratulations to all the category winners below. Click here for the full table.

First Name Surname Club Award
Rob Foster Datchet Dashers 1st Male
Charlie Quantrill Chiltern Harriers AC JM
James Lally Datchet Dashers M40
Patrick Butler Burnham Joggers M50
Yestin Linton-Smith Burnham Joggers M60
William Lonsdale Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC M70
Sarah Quantrill Chiltern Harriers AC 1st Female
Evie Simpson Hayes & Harlington Road Runners JW
Clare Bryant   W35
Joanna Edwards   W45
Barbro Julin Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC W55
Lynn Wilson Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC W65


Once again we thank all the volunteers for their collective efforts in making this event happen, including the Friends of Langley Park who provide the course marshals. The race proceeds are all donated to charities, including FoLP who do so much to keep the park looking well cared for. The smart new information board in the car park is one of their contributions, as is the lovely daffodil display around the arboretum in the Spring.

If anyone has photos to share, please add them to our Facebook page.


Pos. Time First Name Surname Age cat. Club
1 17:27 Rob Foster M40 Datchet Dashers
2 18:07 Charlie Edwards SM Hillingdon AC
3 18:20 James Lally M40 Datchet Dashers
4 18:35 Patrick Butler M50 Burnham Joggers
5 18:57 Luke Edwards SM  
6 19:34 Harry Bryant SM Hazlemere Runners
7 20:01 Mark Kencroft M50 Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC
8 20:54 Giles Devlin M40 Fetch Everyone
9 21:02 Mark Korinek M40  
10 21:03 Charlie Quantrill JM Chiltern Harriers AC
11 21:13 Veronika Gill W35 Datchet Dashers
12 21:27 Nigel Sullivan M50 Burnham Joggers
13 21:50 Sarah Quantrill W45 Chiltern Harriers AC
14 22:00 Steve Parsons M50  
15 22:27 Liam Kencroft SM Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC
16 22:36 Steve Owen M50 Watford Joggers
17 22:44 Stephen Hartigan M40 Datchet Dashers
18 22:58 Jack Nisbet M60 Hayes & Harlington Road Runners
19 23:31 Guy Darcy-Evans M60 Handy Cross
20 23:36 Jennifer Coleman SW Burnham Joggers
21 23:53 Tom Kingsbury SM Burnham Joggers
22 24:20 Gavin Hazell SM Hayes & Harlington Road Runners
23 24:27 Joanna Edwards W45  
24 24:34 Piotr Truty SM  
25 25:05 David Gorton SM  
26 26:07 John Highmore M40  
27 26:13 Barbro Julin W55 Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC
28 26:17 Michael Dyer M60  
29 26:19 Andy Bates   Burnham Joggers
30 27:09 Liz Darcy-Evans W55 Handy Cross
31 27:10 Richard Goble M60  
32 27:24 Allan Bond M60  
33 27:32 William Lonsdale M70 Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC
34 27:35 Philip Wain M60  
35 27:38 Peter Furness M60 Hayes & Harlington Road Runners
36 27:58 Mark Wright M50 Hayes & Harlington Road Runners
37 28:27 Evie Simpson JW Hayes & Harlington Road Runners
38 29:38 Ben Blazquez M50 Datchet Dashers
39 30:03 Yestin Linton-Smith M60 Burnham Joggers
40 30:17 Louise Wellsford W55  
41 30:29 Mihaela Preda W45 Burnham Joggers
42 30:41 Bob Hardman M70 Burnham Joggers
43 31:08 Clare Bryant W35  
45 31:59 Philip Woolhouse M50  
44 31:59 Jasmine Seehra W35 Hayes & Harlington Road Runners
46 32:10 Roderick Hoffman M60 British Airways AC
47 32:53 Alastair Gorton M70  
49 33:31 Jennie Jupp W55  
48 33:31 Joe Nolan M60 British Airways AC
50 34:08 Beverley  McCann W45 Burnham Joggers
51 34:09 Emma O’Neill W35 Burnham Joggers
52 34:10 Sylwia Sznyk W35 Hayes & Harlington Road Runners
53 34:36 Afe Komolafe W45 Hayes & Harlington Road Runners
54 34:57 Annette Sissons W55 Hayes & Harlington Road Runners
55 35:18 Hilary Gauna W55 Burnham Joggers
56 36:14 Jennie Wardle W45 Hayes & Harlington Road Runners
57 37:29 Fran Smith W55 Hayes & Harlington Road Runners
58 38:10 Denise Nisbet W55 Hayes & Harlington Road Runners
59 38:20 Andy Smith M60 Hayes & Harlington Road Runners
60 39:16 Paige Llewellyn  SW  
61 39:17 Bob Stanbrook M70 Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC
62 41:39 Joyce Sellick W45  
63 41:49 Frances Alcock W55  
64 42:14 Michael Harper M70 Hayes & Harlington Road Runners