5k summer series 2022 - results 15th June

The second race of the series took place on a balmy June evening that tested the willpower on the uphill sections, especially those with no tree cover. (But as we all know, double the sense of achievement on crossing the finish line).

At the front of the field, it was a repeat of the May race, with Rob Foster (Datchet Dashers) and Sarah Quantrill (Chiltern Harriers) taking the honours. Again, the men's race started with a leading pack of three, though Patrick Butler (Burnham Joggers) held back until later in the race, only moving into second place at the final ascent. His circuit of the finish field made for good spectator material, with Steven Green right on his shoulders. Rob was pleased to improive his time, despite the conditions, commenting after that it helped to know the course and pace himself for the tough climbs!

In the women's race, Sarah again took an early lead and managed to slice a chunk from her previous clocking. Jennifer Coleman of Burnham Joggers was again second, with Joanna Edwards third, also in a faster time than last month.

Thanks to all the volunteers who make the races possible, from setting up the course to timekeeping and tailwalking. The marshals out on the course are almost all members of the 'Friends of Langley Park' group. You may have noticed that the path leading to the finish field is called the Avenue of Friendship, and features some lovely maple trees planted by the group.

Thanks also to San Remo cafe for staying open specially for us. I imagine a fair few ice-creams may have been consumed after the race!

Remember you must keep your race number for the next race, which has the added interest of finding out who has won the category prizes.


Pos. Time First Name Surname Age
1 17:17 Rob Foster M40 Datchet Dashers
2 18:08 Patrick Butler M50 Burnham Joggers
3 18:10 Steven Green SM MNRC
4 18:43 James Lally M40 Datchet Dashers
5 18:58 Lee Clark SM MNRC
6 19:25 Elliott Dobbs SM 23 Mile Club
7 19:32 Harry Bryant SM Hazlemere Runners
8 19:39 Mark John Kencroft M50 Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC
9 19:52 Jack Cullen SM MNRC
10 21:11 Nigel Sullivan M50 Burnham Joggers
11 21:19 Charlie Quantrill JM Chiltern Harriers AC
12 21:27 Giles Devlin M40 Fetch Everyone
13 21:42 Steve Owen M50 Watford Joggers
14 21:57 Sarah Quantrill W45 Chiltern Harriers AC
15 22:01 Steve Parsons M50  
16 22:44 Tom Kingsbury SM Burnham Joggers
17 22:51 Jennifer Coleman SW Burnham Joggers
18 23:42 Guy Darcy-Evans M60 Handy Cross
19 24:03 Joanna Edwards W45  
20 24:10 Tim Pascoe M60 Bearcats
21 24:45 Simon Dinsdale M50 Datchet Dashers
22 25:11 Martina Smith W45 Datchet Dashers
23 25:30 Joy Noad W55 SCVAC
24 25:40 Adam Standley SM Hayes and Harlington Road Runners
25 26:06 Yestin Linton-Smith M60 Burnham Joggers
26 26:28 Barbro Julin W55 Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC
27 26:30 Liz Darcy-Evans W55 Handy Cross
28 26:50 Jasmine Rapson SW  
29 27:02 Allan Bond M60  
30 27:08 Jenny Brown W45 Burnham Joggers
31 27:32 Richard Goble M60  
32 27:51 Ben Blazquez M50  Datchet Dashers
33 28:04 Steve Wells M60 Cleethorpes & District AC
34 28:22 Evie Simpson JW Hayes & Harlington Road Runners
35 28:34 Tina Rapson W55  
36 28:55 Nick Vanson M60 Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC
37 28:57 Michael Hill M60 Datchet Dashers
38 29:17 Christopher Moore M50 Hayes & Harlington Road Runners
39 29:47 William Lonsdale M70 Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC
40 30:36 Tommy Kingsbury M50  
41 30:39 Louise Wellsford W55  
42 31:01 Clare Bryant W35  
43 31:20 Roderick Hoffman M60 British Airways AC
44 31:27 Bob Hardman M70 Burnham Joggers
45 31:53 Brian Graham M50 Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC
46 32:17 Philip Woolhouse M50  
47 32:23 Joe Nolan M60 British Airways AC
48 32:36 James Flisher SM  
49 32:45 Jennie Jupp W55  
50 32:47 Emma O’Neill W35 Burnham Joggers
51 32:54 Beverley  McCann W45 Burnham Joggers
52 33:23 John Shaw M70 Hayes and Harlington Road Runners
53 33:37 Graham Hill M40 Datchet Dashers
54 33:54 Hilary Gauna W55 Burnham Joggers
55 34:12 Glyn Watkins M60 Metros RC
56 34:13 Shona Lowe W55 Datchet Dashers
57 34:20 Alastair Gorton M70  
58 34:22 Anne Mograby W55 Datchet Dashers
59 35:24 Jennie Wardle W45 Hayes & Harlington Road Runners
60 40:17 Paige Llewellyn  SW  
61 41:33 Frances Alcock W55  
62 41:34 Bob Stanbrook M70 Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC
63 41:45 Ann Chandler W45 Datchet Dashers
64 41:46 Catherine Hutt W55