Obituary- Kiu Chung Choi 訃告


Mr Kiu Chung CHOI, 5 December 1932 – 1 May 2019

KC Choi, dearly loved husband of Christella, father to Clinton and Bernie, father-in-law to Gilly and Ruth, grandfather to Sophie, Jessica, Matthew and Jemima, passed away on 1st May 2019.  His final period of poor health started in December last year when he had a fall in the house and fractured his lower spine.  He was recently discharged from hospital but died at home after a period of breathlessness resulting from heart failure.

Having retired after a lifetime of work initially as a civil engineer, then managing, with Christella, a residential home for the elderly in Kent, KC helped to start up the Kingston Chinese Association [KCA] shortly after moving to Kingston in 1998, taking the founding role as Chairman to establish and grow an organization that now numbers several hundred members.  It provides a vital weekly meeting place for education, social interaction and leisure keeping retired people active, healthy and mentally engaged. KC enjoyed giving his time and energy for others and gained enormous pleasure from supporting KCA and seeing it thrive over the many years.

More recently however, local funding cuts and increased weekly rental costs at the new Searchlight Community Centre where KCA meets, are threatening KCA’s continued existence.

KC’s family would like to support the ongoing work of KCA and therefore ask that instead of sending any flowers, please donate to the KCA at:

The funeral will be held at Kingston Crematorium, Bonner Hill Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, KT1 3EZ on Saturday 25 May 2019 at 11.30am.

Lunch reception will follow afterwards at Kingston Working Men’s Club, 25 Old London Road, Kingston-upon Thames, KT2 6ND.  Car parking is close by at the Cattle Market Car Park.


蔡翹松府君原籍潮卅 2019年五月一 日壽終家中積閠享年86 歲。


他一位建築工程師, 退休後連同護士太太經營老人院,1998搬到京士頓區,後在區內​​受華人重視愛戴。被 選為京士頓華人協會 會長, 2003 年華人會 正式成立,自此 全力支持 及 代表出席社區慈善活動, 推廣中華文化 、語言、舞蹈 及音樂。他並受各市長 及其他華人歡迎及認識他的人愛戴。


Lodge Brothers Funeral Service

426 Richmond Road, KT2 5PU

舉殯於京士頓火葬場上午 1130

 Kingston Crematorium, Bonner Hill Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, KT1 3EZ

纓紅宴 設於下午 I

Kingston Working Men's Club, 25 Old London Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, KT2 6ND


未亡人 蔡吳名緩       Christella Choi   07762 558 636

孝男 敬倫  媳 Gill

孫男 Matthew 堅信

孫女 Sophie 美恩

孝男 敬賢  媳 Ruth

孫女 Jessica

孫女 Jemima





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