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On the subject of photos, do people really think it's necessary for every photo to have a Title, Caption, Description, and Story?

I was thinking I might simplify this, having only two text fields with each photo. They would be:

  • Title (plain text) - used as a caption when viewing the whole album, and the title/breadcrumb when viewing a single picture.
  • Description (wysiwyg) - longer description shown only when viewing a photo.

What do people think?


Joe - Voice Admin

Posted by Felix on

Yes, I agree:

  • I think that just having Title and Description would be plenty, and much easier to explain to people.

  • Having a wysiwyg description would be good - even if only so that people can put in links to other parts of the same site.

  • What would happen when you dropped the Caption and Story?  On our site (/tewinvillage) we would want the current Title to be replaced by the Caption, and the Description and Story concatinated in the Description field.

    If this could be done automatically it would be great, otherwise we would need some warning, so we (who am I kidding - I) could go through all the photos and fix the Titles and Descriptions manually.

Felicia Green,

Tewin Village

Posted by Pammc on

It sounds like a good idea.  Will any current story content be automatically moved into the longer desciption field? Also  could the wysiwyg be extended to include album stories? this is currently plain text.