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Indeed so - the 800 size only affects new pictures. Do you want to try it out and see how it looks?

If the new size is good, then I can run a script which will update all existing photos to the new size. But I didn't want to do this until we were happy that the new size is good!


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Posted by philip page on


This looks good to me - updating all of the images to this size would be a great saving of time and the new size would improve the experience for the club members - thank you.

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Thank you for updating the photo size on the StudyBuddyClub website.  I've just added some new photos and the bigger size is much better.

We'll shortly be working on the PiltonRetreat website - could you please amend that website to be able to automatically show the larger photos, before we start updating it?

Thank you

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I've updated it in Pilton Retreat.

I've not yet updated it in all sites, nor run the script to update existing photos. I want to ensure I've tested the script a bit more first :-)


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I have added an additional photo to the site and it does display at 800 x 600 which is fine and the ability to display at 100% is still there if needed.

Will you please  run the script to update all the existing photos to 800 x 600

Many thanks - Ken T - Webmaster Birmingham SME Ltd