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Ah yeah, that's a bit of a pain. It counts forward the number of Mondays from the start of the month, so as you say this can have strange affects if you want to always get the last one in the month, as there aren't always the same number.

It would be possible to have an option of "last <chosen day> of the month" if that's likely to be widely useful for lots of people.

I think that "same <day> of the month counted from the end" would be too confusing an option for anyone to understand? :-)


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Is there any timetable for fixing this please? As well as the long standing problem of the Church doing Fifth Sunday events, the newly formed DSL Walkers meet on Last Thursdays. It is still impossible to make a repeating event for Last Thursdays etc, so each walk has to be a separate, once only, event. Frustrating!

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Sorry - this never really became important enough for enough sites (well, paying clients!) for us to implement it.

Voice development and hosting is funded by clients who pay to use the platform - such as Surrey Community. So development tends to be focussed only on those areas that our clients feel are most beneficial to their users.

So, for the foreseeable future, I'm afraid you're stuck with manually creating the events for the last Thursday of each month.


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